Statement by Pu Lian Uk (MP Elect-Haka Constitency) Regarding USDA Rally in Haka

October 18, 2003


Washington DC


The rally, entitled as “- A mass rally, organized by the Union Solidarity and Development Association, held in support of the Prime Minister’s clarification on seven policies and programmes of the State (roadmap) in Vamthu Maung Sports Garden in Haka, Chin State” and published in the New Light of Burma from YANGON, 17 Oct ,2003 was a big lie of the Burmese Generals to deceive the world.


The rally was a repetition of the exact procedure how the illegitimate “Constitution of Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma 1974 , was adopted in false referendum by forcing the people at gun point to vote in support of the constitution in this way.


All those who read and gave speeches in the rally were all government servants now or before who would be not only expelled from their job but arrested, tortured and jailed if they refuse to read this pretended support in fear of the military arrest and torture.


The whole Chin population as a Christian State who practice democracy in their Christian religious institutions are in full support of democracy and federal form of the Union constitution in which Chin State could join the federal Union as a conststituent state of the federal Union.


This was clearly shown by the population rejecting to vote the Generals-supported-candidate Pu Van Kulh, Ex Colonel and Minister of Social Welfare in the Cabinet of the late dictator General Ne Win and Member of State Council under the socialist constitution 1974, Member of politburo of Burma Socialist Program Party(BSPP) / National Unity Party(NUP) and voted me for their representative as a Member of parliament in the 1990 Burma general election.


This assembly and rally clearly showed how the generals are trying to lie blatantly to the world. Their stupid trick cannot be hidden and the world is on the side of the Chin population and the democratic forces of the Union led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.


The generals by trying to lie the world in this way are certainly digging their own pit-fall into which they would fall not before long.


Not only that they forced them to lie at gun point, the buildings shown in this article also are all to lie as if the buildings here are in the Chin State. The buildings shown in the picture in that news paper with the article there are in Burma proper, not the buildings in the Chin State. There have not been such a single building like these modern building structure in the Chin State as it has been neglected to establish even the infrastructure to minimally develop the state within the period of the military rule.


Lian Uk,


Member of Parliament Elect


Haka Constituency, the capital of the Chin State


Now in political exile, USA




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