Founded in 1995, CHRO is the primary rights-based advocacy organization for the Chin people and has worked with Chin communities throughout the world continuously since the very beginning. Over the years, CHRO has nurtured working relationships with the Chin, developed the institutional capacity, and become a trusted voice of the Chin people and a leading and respected human rights organization for Chin communities throughout the world.

The scope CHRO’s activities have expanded since the days of its founding to cover not just monitoring and documentation but also internationally-focused advocacy campaigns, capacity-building trainings, promotion of independent media, and support for grassroots community initiatives.


  • CHRO produces Rhododendron Human Rights news bulletin six times a year
  • Published a Book; “RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION: A Campaign of Ethnocide Against Chin Christian in Burma” (February 2004).
  • CHRO also produce special focus periodic and thematic reports covering food security, human rights, political situation, refugee, forced labour, Women rights and gender issues, and environmental issues etc.

International Campaign:

Chin Human Rights Organization, since its founding in 1995, has been advocating in defence of human rights and democracy, and for restoration of civil and political rights for the Chin people and other ethnic nationalities in the country. The organization has been trying to create international awareness of the Chin’s situations through monitoring, documenting and advocacy at regional and international fora.

Humanitarian Assistance:

Starting from 2008, CHRO hase been actively engaged in cross-border humanitarian aid assistance in supports of several thousands of Chin people who have suffer famine-like food crisis.

Refugee Concern:

Tthousands of Chin families, men, women and children have fled to India, Bangladesh Thailand and Malaysia and other countries to escape political suppression, forced labour, religious persecution and other forms of human rights violations. It is estimated that at least 60,000 Chin refugees are living in India while about 25,000 thousands more live in Malaysia. Several thousands sought refuge in other countries. As the security and humanitarian conditions of Chin refugees from Burma in neighboring countries, especially in India and Malaysia is worsening, one of the CHRO’s main activities is protection, empowerment and providing emergency humanitarian assistance,  and education for refugee children among Chin refugees.

Empowerment & Capacity Building

Reclaiming civil and political rights by the Chin people, and in Burma as a whole, has been a long and difficult process which requires the empowerment of those working to promote and protect these rights. CHRO is actively engage in empowerment and capacity building among students, women, and human rights defenders. CHRO is available:
In line with its aims and objectives, CHRO is available to conference (locally or internationally), Churches, or other groups large or small, for speaking engagements with an emphasis on topics such as the following, among others:

  • Human rights and Political situation among the Chin people and in Burma as a whole.
  • Religious Persecution Against Chin Christians in Burma
  • Humanitarian aids & Sustainable Development among the Chin People
  • Refugees issue
  • Forced Labor situation etc…
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