Founded in 1995, Chin Human Rights organization (CHRO) is a non-governmental non-profit organization legally registered in Canada and the United States. CHRO is accredited with Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2018.

In order to meet changing needs & operating environment following the February 2021 military coup, CHRO operations structure has been reorganized to reflect current situation and realities. Accordingly, CHRO has been restructured into two primary Divisions: Human Rights Division & Humanitarian Division.

CHRO’s current work areas are reflected in the following diagram;

Our Mission:
CHRO works to protect and promote human rights through monitoring, research, documentation, education and advocacy on behalf of indigenous Chin people and other oppressed and marginalized communities in Myanmar.

Our Vision:
Through our work, we envision a meaningful social change and the full realization of the enjoyment of human rights where the equal dignity of all human beings is respected and upheld in a free, just and democratic society.

Our Objectives
1. To provide accurate and reliable information about the human rights situation facing Chin and other marginalized communities in Myanmar
2. To protect and promote human rights and democratic principles
3. To empower people to defend and promote their human rights

Primarily based in exile since its founding, CHRO has established an in-country presence since 2013, and has championed indigenous peoples’ rights and freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) as two key thematic areas of focus in Myanmar. In working towards its objectives, CHRO monitors, documents and reports on the human rights situation, provides capacity building through human rights training and education to empower individuals and communities affected by rights abuses, and conducts policy advocacy to improve human rights protection frameworks at the local, national and international levels. At the same time, the organization has built and empowered a strong network of rights-based organizations from across the country, and established good working relationships and trust with local communities and governmental institutions at both the local and national levels.

As the human rights and humanitarian situation in Chin State rapidly deteriorate following the military coup of February 2021, CHRO has quickly responded to the emerging crises in the region by accelerating human rights monitoring activities and reorganizing its operations to include emergency humanitarian response activities in the region.

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To protect and promote human rights and democratic principles