Governing Structure

As of June 2022

CHRO is governed by the Board of the Directors whose primary functions are to provide guidance on the strategic and policy direction of the organization, provide oversight on finance and budget, and advise the Executive Body and Management on major program initiatives. The Board is headed by a chairperson who is elected from among the members on a rotating basis. The Board meets twice a year (One physical and one online). Current members of the Board are as follows;

  1. Amy Smith
  2. Benedict Rogers
  3. Victor Biak Lian
  4. Salai Bawi Lian Mang (Ex-Officio)
  5. Rachel Fleming (Chairperson)
  6. Salai Za Uk Ling (Board Secretary)
  7. Chris Lewa
Board Meeting

The new Executive Body consists of the Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director, Operations Director & Finance Director.

The Management Team is made up of the four unit managers of each program division, Head of Finance and Head of Admin and Human Resources.



Over the years, based on organizational experience and necessity from growth, CHRO has developed a set of policies and procedures regulating how we function and operate as an organization. The following policies and procedures, which are subject to periodic review and revisions/amendments, are currently practiced or are in various status of development. These documents are treated as confidential (for now) due to the current security situation and sensitive operating environment. However, interested third parties and/or potential partners can request the documents by contacting us at [email protected]

CHRO code of conduct
CHRO financial management policy
CHRO admin policy (being reviewed and updated)
CHRO procurement guideline (newly updated draft)
CHRO anti-corruption policy
CHRO gender policy
CHRO vehicle usage policy (draft)
CHRO staff’s handbook
CHRO office guide
CHRO partnership guideline
CHRO PSEA policy (draft)
CHRO guidelines on DNH, conflict sensitivity and gender inclusion (draft)
CHRO security and safety guidelines/SOPs (draft)
CHRO data protection and privacy guideline (being developed)
CHRO cash-based intervention guideline (draft)
CHRO conflict of interest policy (draft)
CHRO policy on personal conduct (draft)
CHRO child protection policy (draft)

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