5 More Civilians Disappear in Paletwa

(Paletwa – 9th Oct, 2019):

Five more persons, including a pregnant woman, are missing in Paletwa Township, a local villager told CHRO. On 5th October 2019, U Ku Hawi (23) and his wife Daw Than Dar Oo (25) from Thaya Kone Village disappeared from their farm, approximately 1 hours walk from their house. Daw Than Dar Oo had gone in search of U Ku Hawi after he had failed to come back from the farm, “The couple went missing when the wife was looking for her husband who failed to return home after going to his farm just over an hour walk from home to fetch some vegetables for a Sunday meal,” one villager said.

U Hawi Ku (23) and Daw Than Dar Oo (25) are expecting their first child with the expectant mother 6 months pregnant. Villagers from Thaya Kone conducted a search party on 17th October, two days later but found no trace of the missing people. Both the Tatmadaw and the AA are stationed in the vicinity of the village. The Burma Army Tactical Command outpost is located 4 miles from Thaya kone Village at Kha Maut Wa Village while the AA is stationed within a five mile vicinity. There is as of yet no word on which armed group has taken them.

Similarly, three villagers from Wun Chaung Wa, U Hla Khine (23), Maung Maung She (32) and Maung Pho She (40) disappeared on 14th of September 2019 on their return from San OO Village, Rakhine State where they bought commodities such as rice and cooking oils etc. They had left four days earlier on 10th Sept. The vicinity in which their disappearance took place is a hotbed of military activities by both the AA and Tatmadaw. Both armed groups have denied responsibility for their disappearance.

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