Villagers worried as Arakan-Burma armies clash continues

Tuesday, 14 April 2015 13:32 Written by Thawng Zel Thang ([email protected]

Published in Chin News

14 April 2015 — A new clash between the Arakan Army and Burma Army broke out in Pyin-so of Paletwa Township, forcing more residents to flee the village.
Soldiers from the Arakan Army and the Burma Army Infantry Battalion No. 289 exchanged fire the third time on 10 April, with the first on 28 March and the second on 29 March.

According to the Khumi Media Group, locals were afraid of coming back to their village because of the fighting and they were worried about food security.

“What we are eating now is food from last year’s harvest. Now we are not able to work on our farms at the required time. We are very worried about our survival next year,” a Pyin-so villager told the KMG.

The KMG reported that some families were fleeing to Kaladan river while others had taken refuge in nearby villages.#

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