Villager died after Stepping on Landmine While Carrying injured Burmese Soldier

(Paletwa – 30th Nov, 2019):

On 22nd November 2019, a local man from Do Chaung Wa, Paletwa Township died after stepping on a landmine while carrying an injured Burmese soldier. U Phillip (47) was in the jungle cutting bamboo for house repairs when he encountered the Tatmadaw soldiers. The battalion were struggling to carry an injured man in their group and asked U Phillip for help in doing so. According to a local man who spoke to CHRO, “U Phillip had spent three to four days in the jungle harvesting bamboo for use as building materials for his house. The Burmese soldiers were not in the vicinity initially but showed up to get reinforcement for some battles that took place elsewhere in the area. U Phillip was asked to help them fetch their injured comrade. Nothing happened on their way to get the soldier but the explosion took place on their way back,” explained the villager. U Phillip stepped on the landmine between the villages of Pauh Thu Wa and Pone Nyin Wa of Ungthi Wa Village Tract. One of his legs was severed in the explosion and he died on the way to get help. The victim lived with his two children in Du Chaung Wa Village, approximately 18 miles away from Miza Village. Similarly on 25th February 2019, U Aung Lan, a resident of Shin Ma Din Village, in the Kuchaung area of Paletwa Township died after stepping on a landmine while being forced to work as a guide for the Tatmadaw

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