Urgent Action Appeal :Fear for Homelessness/Starvation and Deportation

Urgent Action Appeal :Fear for

Homelessness/Starvation and Deportation


Chin Refugees in Lunglei, Mizoram State, India

Date: 14 March 2002


Chin Human Rights Organization, CHRO has received reports that hundreds of Chin refugees who have been taking refuge in Lunglei District of Mizoram State, India are being evicted from their shelters and houses.


Since August 2001, the powerful local pressure group Young Mizo Association, Lunglei Branch started carrying out eviction of dozens of Chin refugee families living in different localities of Lunglei town. The eviction has left many people homeless including most vulnerable persons such as women and children.


CHRO is concerned that these people who have already suffered persecutions in Burma are being subjected again to deprivation of their basic livelihood, and fundamental human rights. There are also serious concerns that these refugees will eventually be deported to Burma, where they will risk serious human rights violations.


According to reports, members of Young Mizo Association, Chanmari Branch and local police stormed the houses of Chin refugees in Chanmari and other localities in Lunglei and forcibly evicted them from their rented houses. On March 3, 2002, members of the YMA entered into the homes of Chin refugees and threatened them to voluntarily evacuate their house or risk all their belongings being thrown out. So far 18 of the 29 families living in Chanmary ward have already been forcibly evicted in the past week alone.


A widow and mother of 5 children living in Chanmari, was among dozens of families forcibly evicted in the past week. Reports also indicated that the worship places of Chin refugees, the Believers’ Fellowship I & II located in Chanmari Ward in Lunglei were ordered to shut down by the local YMA.


CHRO calls upon all concerned Chin organizations, churches and individuals around the world to act on this alarming situation of your Chin refugees in Lunglei.


Background Information


Serious human rights violations in Burma have forced thousands of Chin nationals to flee to various countries including India. A great majority of those fleeing to India are taking shelter in various parts of Mizoram State including Lunglei. About 50,00 Chins are believed to be living in Lunglei District out of an estimated total population of 500,00 in the entire Mizoram State. Because the Indian Government does not permit United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to function in the region, Chin refugees in Mizoram State has no legal protection either from the Indian Government or from UNHCR.


The State Government of Mizoram, although it has been generous to Chin refugees, has frequently carried out massive sweep of arrest and deportation of Chin refugees to Burma.


Recommended Actions:


Please send appeals to arrive as soon as possible:


Expressing concerns for the safety and livelihood of evicted Chin refugees in Lunglei area Requesting YMA, Lunglei Branch to stop evicting Chin refugees in Lunglei on a humanitarian and compassionate ground Pleading local Mizo churches to intervene in the situation (Remember to be respectful in your tone and also do not forget to mention in your appeals appreciations and gratitude to the people of Mizoram for having been so generous and sympathetic to the Chin refugees)


Appeals to:


1.Young Mizo Association (YMA) Lunglei Branch


2. Secretary Mr. Zo Muan Kima.


email address, [email protected] e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


3. YMA sub headquater Lunglei


email- [email protected] e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Phone- 011-91-372-24799


4. YMA, Center YMA office


M.G Road, Ai zawl, 796001


Phone: 011-91-389- 324 966, 011-91-389-326 973


Email- [email protected] e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Fax- 326 993


5. General Secretary, Center YMA


YMA Road, Aizawl 796001


Ph- 011-91-389-322 869, 011-91-389-326 973


Copies to:


1. Pu Zoramthanga Mizoram Chief Minister, fax no: 91 389 322 245


2. Pu Tawnluaia Hon’ble Home Minister Government of Mizoram, fax: 91 11 301 2331




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