Statement of Condolence



October 3, 2001


Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) is deeply saddened and grieved by the sudden and untimely passing of Pu John Mantling Cinzah on 3rd October 2001 at George Washington Hospital.


Pu John Mangtling Cinzah has been a member of Advisory Board of CHRO, and had been giving us unwavering support throughout the most difficult times. He had been helping us with editing Rhododendron Newsletter since its initial stage of publication.

A Secretary of Parliamentary Affairs of the Union Government of Burma, Pu John Mangtling Cinzah was one of the first Chin nationalist to courageously lead resistance against the military junta, and firmly stood to defend justice, democracy and human rights in Burma.


His uncompromising belief in freedom and justice, his revolutionary leadership, and his selfless sacrifices for freedom, democracy and human rights have inspired us, the succeeding generations to follow the path that he had laid up.


We offer our most profound respect and honor to him as a Chin nationalist, who stood steadfast in his belief in freedom until his last breath. His death is an irreplaceable loss to all of us who admire his conviction and contribution to the cause of freedom and humanity.


The example that he had set for us will always exhort and remind us to continue the struggle until we attain freedom, peace, justice and human rights to which Pu Mangtling Cinzah had dedicated his entire life.



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