RFA Chin Radio

RFA Chin Radio

Section (1) News
1) Chin Scholar, Dr. Bianca Son Suantak mual in liamsan
2) Paletwa Peng, Yat Chaung Tlangkulh ah ALP in Paisa khong
3) Kum 2015-16 sungah Hakha-Matupi-Paletwa lamzin theh ding
4) Phun 10 All D ngah ve tu, Falam Peng, Bualkhua mi, Mai Marry ih thu tawi
5) Mway Taung, Pha Tuang thuhla Chin State Hluttaw in an thei lo

Section (2) Interview with Mai Rosalinn Zahau

Myanmar acozah ih May 27 ni ah rak suahmi, Religious Conversion Law thawn pehpar in Siganature Campaign tuah rero tu, Chin Human Rights Ogranization (CHRO) ih Researcher Mai Rosalinn Zahau thawn thurel tlangnak a si.

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