Residents abandon villages in Tedim tsp after landslides

Monday, 10 August 2015 10:50 Written by  Thawng Zel Thang ([email protected])
Published in Chin News

10 August 2015 — People in at least five villages in Tedim township, Chin State have deserted their places, severely affected by landslides.

All Kahngen villagers, 127 people of 40 households, arrived in Tedim on foot last Friday after having abandoned their houses.

Paupi, from Tedim, said that they were taking shelter in a Baptist church building.

“We received news that all residents in Vongmual and Tuisau villages are also arriving here soon as their places are no longer safe,” said Paupi, a Tedim community leader.

He said that Laibung villagers were moving to Akluai village and that Tuivial residents would find a new place nearby to resettle.

Five villagers from Kahngen, about 18 miles away from Tedim, are being taken to the Tedim hospital as they suffer from diarrhoea.

Paupi told the Chinland Guardian that they had not received any humanitarian assistance from outside the town, adding: “As we are running out of food supplies, we are in urgent need of support.”

In Hakha township, residents in at least two villages, Khuabe and Beutu, had abandoned their places since the beginning of this month.

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