President OK’s disputed land request for resettlement in Hakha

Thursday, 27 August 2015 01:20 Written by  Thawng Zel Thang ([email protected])
Published in Chin News

24 August 2015 — Hakha residents of Khuahlun ward, completely destroyed by landslides, sighed with relief when President Thein Sein gave the green light to their request.
Van Thawng, State Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Breeding, said during a press conference yesterday that the request by the victims for a new location to resettle had been granted.

“Chief Minister Hung Ngai told the President about the issue when they met in Kalay, Sagaing Region. The President said that what the public had wanted had to be given,” said the Chin minister.

Earlier this month, the Chief Minister had refused their request, saying that the location chosen had been kept aside for construction of new police buildings.

Salai Bawi Lian Mang, Executive Director of the Chin Human Rights Organization, who is visiting Hakha, said: “This is a clear indication of the centralized governing system being practiced in the country. Like other ethnic nationalities, we would like to have a State government that practices a democratic and federal system.”

President Thein Sein cancelled his plan to visit devastated Hakha, the capital, owing to bad weather after having stayed in Kalay, Sagaing Region for over two days.

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