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Various organizations and political parties in Mizoram State, India, which borders Chin State, have appealed for aid and prayers for ethnic communities in Chin State affected by floods and heavy rains in Myanmar as well as in Manipur.

Pu Paul Sita, Secretary (1) of  the Chin National Front (CNF) said: “We are talking with representatives of the Mizoram government, various organizations and political parties [about] how to get aid to Chin State and the Kalay-Kabaw areas for victims of flooding in Myanmar.”

Both the Mizo National Front and the Mizoram People’s Conference have issued appeals to residents of the state to pray for and contribute to aid meant for ethnic Mizo or Chin people in Myanmar who have been affected by the heavy rains and other disasters.

The Chief Minister of Mizoram, Lal Thanhawla, has meanwhile sent a letter expressing condolences and moral support to Hung Ngai, Chief Minister of Chin State, offering “solidarity to all affected citizens of Myanmar, who are our kith and kin”.

Lal Thanhawla had earlier appealed to PM Narendra Modi asking for aid to be sent to Myanmar and volunteered Mizoram as a base for air-dropping operations.

Various groups and political parties also met at the Zo Reunification Organisation’s offices on 3 August to discuss how best to collect and send aid to the flood-affected regions, saying ethnic Mizo or Chin communities have been severely affected by flooding in towns across Chin State and Sagaing Divisions such as Tahan, Falam, Kawlphai, Kalemiau and Halkha.

Other groups such as the central committee of the Young Mizo Association (YMA) have also called meetings to help take part in the aid effort as pictures and videos on social media and news reports from across the international border continue to inform Mizoram residents about the natural disaster.

Edited in English for BNI by Mark Inkey

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