Govt must quickly respond to disaster: Chin organizations

Saturday, 01 August 2015 17:15 Written by Chinland Guardian

Published in Chin News

01 August 2015 — Burma’s government has been urged to take immediate action to provide humanitarian assistance to disaster-hit victims in Chin State and other parts of the country. The Chin National Front and the Chin Human Rights Organization called on the State and Union governments to ‘quickly and meaningfully respond to the disaster’.

In a statement released today, they said that the government should allow ‘unfettered access for local and international aid organizations’ to provide effective relief and rehabilitation for thousands of victims.

During an emergency meeting convened in Rangoon today, the two parties formed the ‘International Chin Humanitarian Information Network (iCHIN)’ to raise awareness of humanitarian issues facing the Chin people in Burma.

It also aims to collect data on damage caused by heavy landslides and floods in Chin State, and parts of Sagaing and Magwe Regions and Arakan State.

Meanwhile, eight Chin political parties and other civil society groups wrote a letter to President Thein Sein today, requesting timely food supplies to be provided by helicopter to victims.

The groups indicated that the victims in Chin State had been in a very difficult situation as landslides and flash floods had destroyed roads and bridges.

Thousands of people are being displaced and left homeless by the unprecedented level of continuous heavy rains causing landslides, mudslides and floods.

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