Chin students to resume ‘banned’ church construction

Friday, 01 May 2015 13:05 Written by Thawng Zel Thang ([email protected])
Published in Chin News

01 May 2015 — The Technological Christian Fellowship is planning to resume construction of the church building which had been banned by the authorities and villagers in Tayawaddy, Sagaing Region.

Salai Van Thawng Thang, a TCF leader, said in the Chinland Today news that they would try to talk with village administrators, Buddhist monks and local residents.

He added that they would also meet with the head of the Government Technological College.

“As far as we can, we would like to follow what the villagers want. We believe there will be no problems this time,” Thang said.

The plan is the TCF’s attempt to implement the agreement made in June last year by a group of Chin university students in Kalay.

In 2008, construction materials, including pillars, wood planks and bricks, piled inside the compound of the planned church building were taken away and destroyed by Tayawaddy villagers.

Following the issue, Christian students faced difficulties in renting a place to stay in the village and were threatened for holding worship services at their makeshift tent.

“We are not planning to evangelize the locals. The building will also be used for students who are in a difficult situation during their studies,” Thang said.

He added that if they were still denied clearance to proceed with their planned construction, they would not just sit tight, adding: “We will take to the streets if necessary.”

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