Chin Human Rights Organization is grieved by the death of Pu Hrang Nawl, who passed away on December 1 in Kalaymyo at age 69


December 2, 2004


An ex-Parliamentarian, Pu Hrang Nawl was a revolutionary and visionary leader, who led the first Chin rebellion agianst General Ne Win’s military coup of 1962. His early influence in Chin nationalism made Hrang Nawl one of the world’s youngest Parliamentarian when he was elected in 1956 to the Chamber of Nationalities at a mere age 21. In 1961, his reelection to serve another term in the Chamber of Nationalities was cut short by General Ne Win’s military coup of 1962.


In 1963, in reaction to the coup det’at, Hrang Nawl helped establish the United Chin Government, which later became instrumental in building a momentum for the Chin revolt against Ne Win’s Revolutionary Council.


Hrang Nawl was arrested in 1966 by Indian government and subsequently extradited to Burma, where he was tried for treason and jailed until his release in 1974 in a general amnesty. He spent 8 years in prison in solitary confinement.


Pu Hrang Nawl will be remembered for his heroism, visionary leadership and sacrifice for the cause of his people. He is to be credited for the rise of modern Chin nationationalism.


Chin Human Rights Organization expresses its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Pu Hrang Nawl.



May his sould rest in peace!


Chin Human Rights Organization

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