Chin Christian pastor’s building stoned in Yesagyo

Written by Chinland Guardian
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23 June 2015 — Stones were thrown at a building in which a Chin Christian pastor and his family live in Yesagyo town, Magwe Region.

Chin pastor Rev. Zun Hlei Sum said that his building had been attacked with stones at around 9:50pm and 11:10pm on Saturday and around 9:35pm last night.

He said that he had not known who the attackers were but he believed their action had to be in connection with the court case last year.

In May 2014, the Yesagyo Township Criminal Court had dropped the charges against the Chin pastor who was accused of illegally constructing a religious building in his compound.

Sum said that the building had also been stoned soon after the end of the court case last year.

“As we are preparing for a Christian meeting at the building next week, this happens. I am not sure if it is related or not. But parts of our compound fence and roof are destroyed,” Sum said.

“They also entered our compound secretly early in the morning and damaged our chairs with stones, which were wrapped in cloths in order to make less noise,” Sum added.

He said that he had reported the incident to the Yesagyo police, adding: “They told me that they would come but they haven’t turned up so far.”

“We don’t want this to happen again. This has got to be stopped. We would like the authorities to take necessary action in association with community leaders,” Sum said.

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