One of the last persons to leave Thantlang as it was burning on October 29 describes what he saw on the day more than 190 houses in Thantlang, a town of over 10,000 residents, were burned to the ground.


(I remained in Thantlang because I needed to keep my mother company as she refused to leave town. She felt that she couldn’t leave the town like everybody did, and that God will protect her from all dangers. It was the morning of October 26. They came into town from their base above Thatlang. They fired heavy weapons through their way into the middle of town. They came directly to the place near I was hiding, where there was rice stock of at least 300 bags in the storage.

I saw them breaking into the storage and carrying them away. They spent the whole day carrying the rice bags. They did so the next day, and the next day. They also broke into other shops nearby.

It was around 10 a.m on October 29 when the fighting started. They [junta’s soldiers] were breaking into the shops when the CDF patrol started shooting at them. No house was burning yet. Just moments later I saw houses engulfed in plumes of smokes from the lower floor of our house where we were hiding. I heard two soldiers coming beside our house on a motorbike and stopped to chat. Just minutes later, I can hear the cracking up sound of fire burning right near our house. I heard them talking to each other in Burmese but couldn’t make of exactly what was said.

They were actually torching the houses across from our house. One bike was going up the town. I am 100 percent sure those soldiers came only for the purpose of setting fire to the houses because there was no gunfire sound at the time, meaning there was no fighting at the time fire started burning. I am certain they also started the fire, which started from the houses near the church.

We spent the whole day hoping our house didn’t catch fire. It wasn’t until around 9 in the evening that members of the CDF and CNA came to fetch us. The assisted my half-paralyzed mother walk out of our house to safety. Fire was burning all over the place near our house then)

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Representatives from Myanmar civil society organizations “deeply disappointed” as UN Security Council once again fails to take action


[11 November, 2021] Today, the Members of the UN Security Council issued a press statement once again expressing “deep concern” following the “further recent violence across Myanmar.” The statement called for an immediate cessation of violence and for “the military to exercise utmost restraint.”

On 4 November, 521 Myanmar, regional and international civil society organizations called on the UN Security Council to urgently convene a meeting as the Myanmar military junta escalated attacks in Chin State, setting over 200 houses and at least two churches on fire. The groups called on the Council to adopt a resolution to consolidate international action to stop the military’s violent assault against the people of Myanmar and urged the Council to impose a global arms embargo to stop the flow of weapons and dual-use goods to the Myanmar military junta.

UN Security Council members, including India and Russia, have transferred and sold arms and dual-use goods to Myanmar military junta since the attempted coup, while China is a major arms supplier and conducts business with military conglomerates.

Khin Ohmar of Progressive Voice stated: “We are deeply disappointed in the continuing lack of action from the UN Security Council. Crisis in Myanmar has reached a breaking point. Words and statements of ‘concerns’ from the highest authority of the world body disregards the real threats against human security that is experienced by the people of Myanmar at the hands of the junta who continues to slaughter innocent people with total impunity. UK as the penholder on Myanmar must listen to the people on the ground and put a resolution to a vote. The escalating violence in Myanmar is an embarrassment and a testament to the repeated failures of the UN system that challenges the relevancy of the UN Security Council to maintain international peace and security. Member States that continue to block the Council’s actions are exacerbating the suffering of the people of Myanmar and emboldening the junta to commit further atrocity crimes. In this regard, they are aiding and abetting the junta’s grave crimes and thus they must also be held accountable for their complicity.”

Salai Za Uk, Chin Human Rights Organization stated: “While the UN Security Council was meeting to discuss the situation in Myanmar, the military burned down more houses in Thantlang. They have burned, destroyed and vandalized at least 22 churches and religious buildings in Chin State alone since August as they have sent in more reinforcements. There is real fear on the ground of further large-scale attacks. Yet there is no mentioning of the escalating attacks in Chin State or North-Western Myanmar in Magway and Sagaing Divisions by this terrorist military junta. We are losing faith in the UN Security Council due to its ineffective leadership to act to save the people despite our repeated calls. How many more lives must be taken and how many more townships destroyed before the situation warrants more than a statement by the world body?”

Wai Wai Nu of Women Peace Network stated: “The lack of action by the UN Security Council is appalling. They failed to act before and after the 2017 Rohingya genocide and they are once again failing the people of Myanmar as the Myanmar military junta commits egregious crimes including crimes against humanity with total impunity. This is a military that is capable of committing genocide. The UN Security Council must take concrete action beyond continuing to repeat their line of expressing ‘deep concern’. It must act to hold the military accountable for their past and ongoing grave crimes.”

Since the attempted coup on 1 February, the Myanmar military junta has killed 1,252 people and arrested 9,979 people. There are 1,954 people evading arrest warrant. As we approach ten months since the military’s illegitimate and bloody attempted coup, the Council must pass a resolution calling for a global arms embargo, said the groups.

See the statement by 521 civil society organizations to the UN Security Council here:


For more information, please contact:

Khin Ohmar, Progressive Voice, [email protected]

Wai Wai Nu, Women Peace Network, [email protected]

Salai Za Uk, Chin Human Rights Organization, [email protected]


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September 12, 2021: A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Myanmar/Burma’s poorest state following an escalation of fighting in Thantlang and Hakha Townships, Chin State. This adds to a state-wide health crisis following the new wave of COVID-19 infections and an existing humanitarian crisis in Chin State’s southern townships, where fighting between the Tatmadaw and Chinland Defense Force (CDF) has been ongoing since May 2021.


8 August 2021: A church and adjacent houses in a residential neighborhood were damaged in what appears to be a targeted attack by Burmese troops on Friday night, 6 August in Kanpeltet Town, southern Chin State. Junta soldiers fired mortar rounds and sprayed automatic gunsfire on a local Baptist church and nearby residential houses starting at around 8 pm and lasted till 11 pm, in what community leaders described was a warning and punishment for them ‘not being able to control the youths’ who are accused by the soldiers of engaging in armed resistance against the junta. The local chapter of the Chinland Defense Force (CDF-Kanpetlet) said its members were not involved in a firefight on the night in question, suggesting that the junta soldiers were deliberately attacking civilian neighborhoods as a warning to the youths.

A local youth who informed CHRO of the Friday night incident said, “We had to hide ourselves in a wardrobe the whole time our surroundings were being shelled. The houses that were attacked have been used as shelters when attacks like that happened in our town.” The attacks damaged the church and several other houses nearby.

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