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Friday, 31 July 2015 16:28 Written by Chinland Guardian
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31 July 2015 — About 1,000 families have evacuated their houses in Hakha, Chin State as flash floods and landslides continue following continuous heavy rains. It is estimated that about 7,00 buildings, including government offices, schools and private houses, have been left empty as they are in danger of collapse.

Salai Thawng, a Hakha resident, said: “Rains continue and an increasing number of houses are being destroyed or getting unsafe for families to live as there are cracks on the ground.”

The victims, estimated to be more than 2,500, are now being sheltered temporarily at churches and halls.

Mai Sui, from Hakha, told the Chinland Guardian: “Victims from nearby villages such as Khuabe, Beute and Hniarlawn are also fleeing to Hakha as their places are severely affected.”

“They walked on foot in the rain without eating anything on the way. I saw some children completely wet and feeling cold. They said they hadn’t had any food for nearly two days. It’s very heart-breaking,” she added.

According to sources, at least two wards in Hakha – Khuahlun and Dawrhlun – have been completely deserted.

“We are in a very dangerous situation. Hakha is now being cut off from all corners as the roads are swept away. Shops have run out of stock including rice, oil and other stuff. If this continues for another few days, we all will run out of food,” said Thawng.

Community leaders said that they had not got the exact number of victims and damage but it was likely to increase.

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