Chin Pastor Charged for “Inciting” Violence Against the State

A Chin pastor who was arrested by LIB 269 on June 27 has been charged under Section 505 (b) of the Penal Code.

Rev. En Khat Muan of Lawibual Baptist Church was arrested together with a local youth leader Lian Sian Mung on accusation that they abetted the resistance group PDF-Zoland in trying to persuade the public to boycott the state-run schools, which were re-opened by the miltiary junta in Tedim in northern Chin State. The pastor was accused of telling his congregation members not to send their children to state-run schools under the military junta.

Lian Sian Mung of the Shalom Youth Committee was released on July 5 after he complied with the order to sign a pledge. However, the Baptist pastor is now being held at Tedim Police lock-up cell where he awaits trial.

Section 505 (b) carries a two-year jail term on conviction and relates to crimes of spreading rumors or false propaganda or inciting the public for violence against the state.

@CHRO|20 July 2022|

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