Christians Attacked in Gangaw resulting in 7 people injured and 1 person in critical Condition

(Gangaw – 18th Dec, 2018):

On the 17th December 2018, a group of Christians who were preparing a pre-Christmas celebratory meal were attacked at home by a mob numbering approximately 50 people. The incident took place in Paw Le Village, Min Ywa Village Tract, Gangaw District, Magwe Division. In the wake of the attack, 7 people were injured and 1 was admitted to hospital and in a critical condition.

The attack took place at Pu Va Dawng’s residence in Paw Le, approximately 30 miles from Gangaw. There are 3 Christian families within the village which is made up of approximately 50 households. According to interlocutors local village administrative bodies have been harassing these families for some time. The Village administrator, together with the head monk had already set a ban on selling anything to the Christian families and also banned them from using the village well for drinking water. In response there was an effort to dig a personal well within the compound of Pu Va Dawng’s house undertaken by a Mission and funded by donors, but it was filled with rocks by the local community in objection.

Last night, the newly dug well was filled with stones and was totally destroyed. It is prohibited for Christians to draw water. Besides, it was not even permitted to visit Christian residences. It is a direct order from village administrator and monks. The incident last night caused injury to 7 persons and all the kitchen utensils were smashed as some stones made it through the windows of the house” said one local who agreed to speak to CHRO.

Last January, Pu Va Dawng, who is a Christian convert, was called to a village meeting and threatened by local authorities. It was decided to repel him out of the village as per meeting resolution for that very reason. He was told that the case was already opened at Gangaw police station and action will be taken in a short time. Another interlocutor explained:

At around 6 pm in the evening on (17/12/2018), a group of Christians were preparing a meal for an advanced Christmas celebration program due on the next day at Pu Va Dawng’s residence. 50 local villagers turned off the LED street light and threw stones at the residence. 7 persons got injured, one is in a critical condition and hospitalized at the General Hospital in Gangaw.”

This incident was reported to Min Ywa police station (approximately 7 miles distance from Paw Le village). Three policemen arrived at the scene after 12 am and so far no sufficient investigation looks to be taking place.

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