One Woman Killed and Another Injured after Stepping on a Landmine in Paletwa Township

(Paletwa – 24th Sep, 2018):

On 20th September 2018, one woman was killed and another severely injured after treading on a landmine while out foraging for Wah U (Elephant Foot Yam) in Paletwa Township, Chin State. The incident took place close to Nga Tain Village.

Daw Phit Lite (28), a local from Nga Tain Village, in Nga Tain Group which is located north of the Pi River, approximately 35 miles from Paletwa Town. The incident took place about 30 minutes (walking distance) away from the village. Daw Phit Lite was with 5 other friends while looking for the tuber on 20th September, 2018. Daw Phit Lite was killed during the incident and one of her friends, Ma Tain Tin, 18 years old was injured due to the blast of the landmine:

The area in which the incident happened is called Khayu (snail) Mountain. It’s a mountain slop which is 30 minutes (walking-distance) away from Nga Tain village. Local people suggested that the landmine was planted by AA (Arakan Army) armed group. The place where the incident happened has plenty of natural forest resources for local communities such as Wa-Uh, bamboo shoots, floral, firewood and others. Now local communities are very scared to look for Wa-Uh there and it’s also obviously life-threatening to continue practicing shifting-cultivation which is a main means of livelihood for local communities in that area. The incident brings huge negative effects to the local people” said one villager about the incident and its impact.

Daw Phit Lite is survived by her 5 year- old- daughter. The area where the incident took place is located along the Burma/Myanmar-Bangladesh border.

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